Lives Transformed: Life with Liberty

Lives Transformed: Life with Liberty

Service Leader: Merv Hodge
Speaker: Alan Raven
Passage: Romans 14:1-12
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Answering your questions from our NBBC 14/06 Service:

  • How is life from dirt possible?
  • As Christians we are called to live by faith in every area of our lives. Some Christians cause steps of faith which cause financial hardship. Is it wrong to make decisions to ensure the ability to pay bills and provide for the family? Is this a lack of trust in God?
  • How do you deal with something that friends believe is a matter of indifference that you see as a matter of great gospel importance?
  • Should I bend the knee in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter? If I don’t, I will be branded.
  • You indicated that Sabbath observance is important. What do you mean by that? Could you please share how you personally keep the Sabbath?
  • Is the theology of eternal damnation a “disputable” or not a “disputable matter?”
  • How do we confidently distinguish between what theologically matters and what doesn’t? What about evolution, egalitarian church leadership, end times?

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